George: unbelievably smug

George is positively smugtastic as he realises the Autumn Statement gives him ANOTHER chance to fire people. Woop!

George - smugger than ever

George, super-smug as he dreams about all the paupers he's going to cut spending on next month - happy days!

Osborne: not so smug today

Osborne, reading today's GDP figures is, for once, not very smug. At all. (He's picturing Dave giving him a P45 in this photo).

George: smugger-than-thou

George: smugger than ever, even though he's less popular than Bob Diamond at a Socialist Worker's Party dinner

George: uber-smug

George looks exceptionally smug as he remembers how many paupers lost their jobs this year.

George, pondering smugly

George looks especially smug as he considers ways to rid himself of Nadine Dorries.

George, smugly looking forwards to the long weekend

George looks smug because he's going to have his perfect easter: the boat race, champagne in the Carlton Club and, if he's lucky, the chance to chase some paupers around Buckinghamshire in his Range Rover.

George. Very smug.

George looks smug because today his benefit reductions for peasants, oiks and the undeserving poor kick in.

George, even more smug than usual

George looks very smug because he knows he's going to get to see all the dirty pictures you've been looking at on the internet.

George - smug and relieved

George smugly realises that, no matter how rubbish his colleagues now think he is, he will still get more votes in 2015  than Nick Clegg.

George; a bit unhappy, but still smug

George, initially phased after screwing up the budget, looks quietly smug as he remembers that at least he isn't Andrew Lansley. 

George, smug again

George, battered by Petrolgate, Grannytax and Pastygate, regains his smugness when he recalls how many civil servants have been fired this month. Happy days!

George, very smug

George, looking smug, realises that he'll never have to use the NHS, so can screw around with it as much as he wants.

George, extra smug

George realises that he'll never have to go to Greggs. Ever. And that makes him smug.

George, getting ready to be smug

George, looking quite smug, remembers what's in the box for pensioners and the undeserving poor.

George, still smug

George smugly remembers that he is an heir to a massive wallpaper fortune.

George, smug about himself

George looks smug because he's realised how much richer than you he is.